Driveway Pressure Washing Roanoke VA

Pressure washing your driveway, sidewalk, hardscapes, and Deck

Have you driven by a newly paved asphalt or concrete driveway lately and thought to yourself, man I would love to have my driveway refinished. While it’s true that a brand new or freshly sealed driveway looks incredible, it’s also true that it can be incredibly expensive. 


Pressure Washing your hard surfaces

What if you had the ability to make your driveway, sidewalks, stone walkways, garage floor, and backyard hardscaping look brand new for a fraction of the cost? The good news is that you do have that ability with a Pressure Washing Roanoke VA trained crew. The transformation of your driveway, sidewalk, and hardscaping features will absolutely blow you away. That’s because our professional grade pressure washers and detergents blow everything away. Go online and search for “pressure washing before and after images” and the photos will knock you out of your seat. Pressure washing the exterior of your home and hard features is just like getting the entire interior of your home painted. It’s completely transformative and one of the most satisfying investments you will make this year. 


Pressure washing your driveway, garage, and other hard features is not only satisfying, it’s healthy. Every day you and your family get in and out of your vehicle and track bits of mold, mildew, and grime into your home. Unfortunately those things are a product of nature, but you can help keep them from being tracked into your home or from breathing in the fine mist of dust that comes off your garage floor every time you’re working in the garage. Do you ever use a leaf blower on your driveway, or an air compressor in your garage? Get you surfaces cleaned not only for beauty and a transformative look, but also for the health of your lungs. 


If your job needs more than just a high pressure blast to refinish the surface, Roanoke cleaning services such as pressure washing can take it to the next level with a Whirl-A-Way coupled with our degreasing formula. This rotating piece of equipment delivers not only a super high pressure stream of water directed only inches from the surface of your driveway, but is coupled with a rotating hard brush to scour whatever stains and stubborn coloration don’t want to dissipate from high pressure water alone. These professional grade tools can be combined with hot water pressure washing water to give you the ultimate in clean.  


If you’re cleaning for pride of ownership, congratulations. You know, like we do, that letting years of build up will eventually break down your concrete or asphalt, especially after several Roanoke winters. Acidic chemicals and ground-in road salt will eventually cause smooth surfaces to break down and appear bumpy or rough. For the best results and longest lasting hard surfaces at your home, you should be pressure washing once a year. This will guarantee that your surfaces are always looking new and that you don’t let build up cause damage to your investments. 


Although Roanoke Pressure Washing has the ability and the know how to use non-toxic chemical treatment, if your surfaces are maintained with regularity, there are many cases where we don’t have to. That’s the ideal situation. 

If you’re thinking about doing your own cleaning service in Roanoke VA, most homeowners find that once the cost of the rental, transport to and from the rental location, and a wasted day’s effort are factored together, they would have been better off investing in a professional Roanoke cleaning service. When you try yourself and fail with less ideal equipment techniques, the cost effectiveness of DIY is amplified. You end up paying more in the end for repairs and your time for an inadequate cleaning. Call us for a free estimate.

See what our customers are saying

Roanoke Pressure Washing takes your trust in us seriously, which is why we only hire the best and most highly rated teams to tackle your job. Take a look at what some of our customers are saying and give your feedback as well. We would love to hear from you.

John E.

"Thank you for the garage cleaning! The oil and grime has been accumulating for years. I never thought it would come off, but you guys made it happen."

Jeff & Katy H.

"Our fence and roof look like new. So much mold and moss, we thought it was going to rot them away. We appreciate the work and the reasonable price. Thank you!"

Samantha S.

"Never thought our vinyl siding could look like new. Thanks to you and your team, I have a home to be proud of again. Will be calling you back for the driveway this year.

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